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Patient Information On Fetal Anomaly Scan (FAS)

What is Fetal Anomaly Scan?

Fetal anomaly ulltrasound is a detailed examination of each part of the fetal body.

Special attention is paid to the face, brain, spine, heart, stomach, kidneys and the limbs.


Why Have A Fetal Anomaly Scan?

The vast majority of babies are normal.

However, all women, whatever their age, have a small chance  of delivering a baby with a physical or a mental limitation.

Many such abnormalities can be diagnosed and ruled out with the Fetal Anomaly Scan.


When is it usually done?

Anomaly scan should be done between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy.


How is it done?

It is done with the aid of ultrasound machine just like any other regular pregnancy scan, but it takes longer time as details of your baby’s anatomy are examined.


How long does it take to do the scan?

It usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the cooperation of the fetus

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